What makes music Christian?

The past few months, I’ve been noticing my musical tastes have been changing.
My playlist that I listen to has always been predominant Christian music fullstop. I remember back in the day, well, it’s only 3 years ago, I bought my first album which was “Stay” by Jeremy Camp, and it still is one of my favourite albums, with a good balance between honesty and accessibility.

And still today I buy predominantly Christian music cds. Don’t blame me for being so cheap because people are turned off immediately because things are Christian.

What I’ve been finding that my tastes have changed perhaps with branching further and further away from CCM, to more alternative music. By alternative I mean a lot of things, I remember, the first metal album I picked up, “Dictohomy” by Becoming the Archetype, I admit I only bought it because it had a pretty cool album cover, then I moved onto Underoath, and among other things, to As Cities Burn with a more indie rock. Yet it all still fell within this larger group called “Christian music”.

Then I was set into all things indie, there was something raw about this genre. House of Heroes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cocorosie, Death Cab for Cutie Etc.

But lately, I’ve been moving into this kind of electronica/dubstep/drum and bass type of music with no lyrics. I totally blame Dan for this change. He never should have sent me drum and bass mixtapes. He is a horrible influence on my music tastes…=P

To describe it simply, it’s kind of club type music, well, maybe a bit more downbeat, but it’s quite popular within those circles. It is totally different to anything you’ll find on the Christian market, the closest I’ve heard is probably the new And Then There Were None album. I find it good in two ways:

  1. I’ve found that the producers are not usually signed onto a record label, so they would make what they want. You can find a lot of artists on soundcloud.com, and alldj.net (?) they release all their music on their own. Consequently, the music they create has a lot more artistic freedom and expression, because they are not constrained. A lot of the time as well, I notice that they can do whatever they want without being constricted in one specific box.
  2. Furthermore, they have this total freeing sense in the style of music. Drum and bass can be totally in your face, but at the same time it can be wildly reflective. Whereas in Christian music, i realise now that it’s the same, God’s love, God’s love, Jesus loves you, Jesus love you, peace, peace…blah blah. There is a totally disconnect between the creativity that God brings to the world, and the bland music that get played on the radio stations.

I’ve been finding myself worshipping God way easier with every bass-drop and every bit of freedom that Christian record labels do not allow. In fact, a lot of the Christian radio stations, seem to encroach their artists into one small box that they have to play in and write their lyrics in. It’s increasingly frustrating to me, to hear good artists being totally changed to sell more records. Tedashii is raps a verse in “Go Hard” which goes:

“Went to Asia, had to duck and hide to share my faith/They tell me to water it down when I get back to the States”

There is a disease in the Christian music market, namely the radio record companies that make perfectly good artists like Bethany Dillon, Jeremy Camp, Adie Camp…the list goes on…I’ve even been listening to Chris August recently, I get feel he’s a good artist, but he is tame in his debut EP. This turning into a rant about Christian music, so I’ll stop there.

So, I’ve been listening to all this music and I can worship God much easier, yet there is no indicator of whether it is made to worship God or the Devil. So, as a consequence, I’ve been thinking, is the lyrics all that defines Christian music? I mean the removal of lyrics makes the music meaningless in discernment of whether something is Christian or not. Does this indicate that what is Christian music and not, is mere speculation until confirmation by the original artist, but does that make it Christian still?

Oh, here’s a song, because I can. I ❤ dubstep so I uploaded this track, if I could remove Rihanna, I would. The dubstep is glorious though:


You can download it too…if you’re desperate! I have some other tracks up, of which none are mine. Full props to the original artist.


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3 Responses to What makes music Christian?

  1. Suchmaschine says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

  2. when i was younger, i always love the tune of alternative music compared to pop music ;~`

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