Are Christians Blogging A Contradiction?

The goal of a professional blogger is quite simply to be popular on the internet.


More often than not, blogs are the means of which to get the end of making money through getting enough advertising revenue or directing people towards a book they’ve written. A trend I often see is to get popular through getting enough traffic onto your site by writing on popular topics and relating to the audience that they are directed towards. Abortion and homosexuality are both hot button topics which people are attracted like fruit flies to. Sarah Palin has built her whole political soapbox on these two principles, which are admittedly small in the larger scheme of things like running an economy.

Yet, the goal of a Christian “is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever” as the Westminster Confession states. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says it all that “whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” The Christian life is totally God-focused, and dependent on the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit within our lives. The difference is the focus is turned onto God, and the Holy Spirit as he works in us.

I understand there is a difference between amateur and professional blogging, but where exactly does the line get crossed? A professional has a success measured by popularity and views, but an amateur is only a voice that wants to be heard. The aspirations are the dividing factor, and I’ll let God judge the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts.

Too often we are easily entrapped by the attraction of money and fame on the internet, especially here on revelife and xanga, with the number of views openly counted. There is constantly a temptation to me to write on controversial topics because they garner more views, but God calls me back constantly to this place of writing what he wants me to write. It is so easy to march under the flag of God, but to be faithful to the cause is much more difficult. Similarly, it is easy to write about Christian topics, but to fully submit to God and let him write the words is much more difficult in my experience. The lyrics to the chorus of the song “Write The Words” from FFH describe exactly my thoughts:

“I don’t know what to say
That hasn’t already been said
I don’t know what to write
That hasn’t already been read
I don’t know what to play
That You haven’t already heard
So here’s my song, You write the words
Here’s my heart, You write the words”

The thought of having to write 6 posts a week consistently is difficult for me. There is so much that I don’t know, and so much that I think that should not be written down in a blog. I feel especially convicted when I think of the amount of time I spent writing blogs in proportion to how much time I spend praying that my words might be powerful. There is a self-centeredness rooted in the way that I blog, that I seek to change.

In many ways, it is a far cry from being led by God to write because some nights where I can churn out 3 posts without an issue. Other times I can just sit around and surf the web for hours with nothing jumping out, but I don’t actually waste my time doing that now that I’m back at school. Continually, I find myself where I have to come back and remember why I’m here blogging, and it is to glorify God and in everything I do.

Therefore, how can we reconcile, the God-centered life of a Christian with the money-centered demands as we traverse deeper and deeper into blogosphere? Exactly how compatible is it to attract people to a site compared to a Christian, who seeks God in all that he does? Is Christian blogging a oxymoron?


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5 Responses to Are Christians Blogging A Contradiction?

  1. I think it all depends on the why =)

    Regardless, I learn a lot from you, and get a lot of thought-provoking stuff from you =) So please don’t go away =) contradiction or not =P

    • I think this is a nice response, Smileitmakesmehappy, and looked at from that perspective perhaps I might be wrong in my fundamental agreement with J N Hong.

      Every subject I have taken has had an academic and literature element, but in the past I have thought as J N that perhaps just living the life, where you are, is the way to do it. Not putting something out to be found, but being found because what you are is sought.

      I think it was a philosopher, Plato or someone like that, who said that written communication is dangerous. So who wrote his books? Did he do it himself, or was he like Jesus and someone did it after him?

      I’m a bit more self-conscious in my blogging for reasons that will become apparent if you read my blog. I’m probably more self-conscious than most and feel so wiped out at the moment I’m wondering if it is a good hospital I need and not a blog.

      See? I always come back to me. The thing about blogging relationships is that they are not protected by the same privacy as people who are friends in each other’s homes or wherever. In that sense I think it can be a bit false.

      I try to sound casual and not focussed on what is happening to me, because I think otherwise people will be scared or think I am weird. But then if I don’t say anything I think people think it is my fault when they notice things themselves.

      I’m being stalked. Please take care. I don’t know how much risk is involved. If there is as much as I sometimes think then I think I am really irresponsible making any kind of contact with anyone. I hope you won’t blame me for leaving a comment.

    • JN Hong says:

      Haha, I’m not going anywhere!

  2. B. says:

    By your standards this entry is an oxymoron, or perhaps more specifically a paradox, being that you briefly mention several hot-buttons – abortion and homosexuality – potentially generating the “hits” desired by those writing on these topics. 😉

    • JN Hong says:

      Well, the whole post was a bit tongue in cheek. Y’see I’m an intern at a big blogging site on the web, and a part of it is you have to write 6-8 posts a week. I never fulfil that, and they have never confronted me on the low output. Nevertheless, this post got featured on their front page, so that’s the story behind mentioning those. I prefer to not write about abortion and homosexuality unless something blaring comes up in the news or am led to…thanks!

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