Music Piracy: Lady Gaga Is The One To Blame

I wish Lady Gaga would make music that is consistent with her celebrity persona.

For someone who consistently turns up to celebrity events with the most outlandish costumes and the most outrageous statements, she falls into the most discernable music genre: that same-same self-empowerment pop fluff that most other people generate within their musical careers. Listening to “Born This Way”, her music never reaches the heights of her conceptual fancy, she is making the same over-produced ambiguous songs which don’t really mean much. I think that someone so well known in popular culture would have something more worthwhile to sing about than self-empowerment.

I hope I am not perceived as hating on Lady Gaga, I enjoy her music enough. She has a lot more guts than many other artists out there, that attempt a lot, but achieve little. But I feel as though if her music were truly reflective of her character, it would appear as a hybrid of Gabber and Fidget-house genres. Hearing something less than these makes me somewhat disappointed, and perhaps cheated of who she really could be. A mere shadow is what I hear.

Turning up to MTV Video Awards in a dress completely made out of meat, this is something totally provocative and made to shock. Her message behind the dress was that: “if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.” I understand that the issue was the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military that she was referring to, but perhaps the flack she received from PETA was indicative of what she was aiming towards. Moreover, I could also argue that her meat dress was nothing special. Diller and Scofidio had already done the dress made out of meat for a beauty pageant, and it was arguably more thoughtful and beautiful than the one that Gaga had on.

The same I think of Nicki Minaj, if labels stopped making cookie-cutter pop music and gave artistic freedom.

She killed it in “Monster“. Listening to her debut album, Pink Friday, I seem to hear a totally different person. The whole album she seems like she’s in a tug-of-war fight between Nicki Minaj the pop artist, and Nicki Minaj the rapper. The play between the chorus and the rapped verses seem stuck together loosely, and rarely cross over. That being said she can equally sing as well as she can rap.

The importance of this is simple: music piracy will stop when music becomes timeless

Piracy happens because people don’t value music, and therefore, do not put any value into artists. It’s a downward spiral when people are not willing to put money into artists, and the artists in turn compromise to sell more records. When music is something that is universally appreciated, through honesty and integrity to furthering the sounds–then only can we have something that is meaningful.

The reality is that people won’t be talking about Justin Beiber in 1-2 years. Music is created with a short shelf-life, people do not remember what is #1 on the Billboard200, from week to week. The experience of music to large record companies end at the point when you pay for your cd at the counter, sometimes even, when you buy your tickets to see the fireworks at their live show.

I mean, we have already stopped talking about Jonas Brothers and Lindsey Lohan after they have had their lives turned upside down by paparazzi. Yet, we still have the more enduring artists that still remain: though somewhat outdated, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Beethoven–all Classical, Romantic and Baroque composers creating a platform that never settled for the sameness. Schubert, Chopin, their music still retain their ambitious challenging of the status quo, challenging the idea of parallel fifth. To the present time, people still listen to Michael Jackson, people will still listen to Led Zeppelin. Rolling Stones will be still going strong. Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan—the list goes on.

Musical appeal is useless if the world is not fundamentally changed through the music. I predict that people will remember Bono in the end more for his humanitarian efforts as opposed to his songs–this is because he is doing something genuine through the medium of music that affords him this platform. Something so universal as music, should surely bring people together in a meaningful kind of way.

Nicki Minaj raps in the last song of her album: “You was underground, and I was mainstream/ I live the life now, that we would daydream,”

It’s a matter of integrity that asks the question whether she was more real when she was mainstream or when she was underground?


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3 Responses to Music Piracy: Lady Gaga Is The One To Blame

  1. This is spot on, man. Gaga’s an enigma, much like the flipside of Drake to me. His public persona is full of flashiness, poppin bottles, and hittin/quittin chicks…but his music is straight emo, “I hate the lights,” “save me from the fame.” This must be the new thing. We’re out of the loop.

    Funny thing is I was just saying how our culture doesn’t allow music to become timeless anymore. Great example – Lil Wayne. Weezy is a ridiculously dope artist/lyricist, but to be relevant, he has to put out soooo much music that his moments of greatness are forgotten next month.

    • JN Hong says:

      Haha, dude, that is so true with Drake! His stuff is really emo, when I got Thank Me Later, that totally blew me away–wasn’t expecting that! I haven’t listened to a lot of Lil Wayne though, he’s a bit too thuggish for my tastes, and I’m not black so I feel strange listening to that kind of music. =P

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