Beauty Is A Human Right

With advances in plastic surgery the past 20 or so years, things that were once reserved for celebrities are now mainstream.

Something that was so elusive to the middle class people, now surgery can correct all flaws in the body of a subject–even the removal of a dominant cheek bone or a crooked nose. Botox and other age-defying materials are widespread in the market, making faces look literally younger, relaxing the muscles in your face reducing wrinkles.

Moreover, we have all cosmetic companies advertising age-reducing magic potions that you can apply to your face, that turns back the clock. All in the name of beauty, people buy into these products which have a multitude of chemicals designed for de-aging the skin. Youthfulness has a monopoly over the cosmetic market.

As more and more people are buying into the make-up lines of Loreal, Maybelline and Revlon etc. makeup is more mainstream than ever. Mainstream up to the point where anyone not wearing makeup in a workplace is frowned upon. Every year, news companies report children younger and younger partaking in more image-boosting tricks–shorter skirts, more cleavage.

Soon enough, my question is:

How long is it before beauty becomes a human right?


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2 Responses to Beauty Is A Human Right

  1. Tom Phillips says:

    But, do you not think a person has every right to want to feel good, and look good? Cosmetic surgery isn’t just there so people can brag about how young they look, it helps people’s self-confidence.
    Do you not believe cosmetic surgery has some pro’s instead of con’s?

    • JN Hong says:

      I think that people have more than enough reason to feel good about themselves, even if they aren’t a Christian. It’s a #FirstWorldProblem, that I would need plastic surgery to feel good about myself when I am already so blessed beyond measure. Take note that I’m not referring to actual plastic surgery for legitimate means, I’m generalising somewhat. But taking the example of Megan Fox, someone who already is beautiful does not need more.

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