Steve Jobs’ Death: How Not To React.

Brought to you by none other than Westboro Church:

I’m surprised they continue to breathe air, or live on this earth because everyone else does the same as them. I am convinced there should be a multitude of different things to be doing, than trying to . I become terrified when Christians turns from being the persecuted to the persecutor–it’s something that I don’t feeling Christians to be in position to be doing. Certainly in the next world we shall be judging angels, but on this earth, I think it is too easy to judge others without knowledge.

The irony is found in a tweet by Margie Phelps:

3 hours ago via “Twitter for iPhone

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5 Responses to Steve Jobs’ Death: How Not To React.

  1. Mike Fisk says:

    You people are sick and should be ashamed.

  2. I think it’s been fairly obvious to people who were paying attention that Jobs has been sick for some time. Unfortunately, truly brilliant men rarely live long lives. His absence in the industry is going to leave a yawning chasm that few will be able to readily fill.

  3. What life didn’t Steven Jobs life not touch, it is epic to be a movement that people don’t even understand how deep one goes. Cheers to your Ascension, have fun in the next veil.

  4. made my way to your webpage from google and and am glad i found it, hope you keep up the good work

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