Building Contentedness Every Day

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

These words came from King David in the Psalms, it speaks of the thankfulness he has toward God, because He is the source of all things (Psalms 118:24). And whether, this thankfulness is arising from the circumstances at the time that he found himself in, or in the greater goodness and grace that God bestows on us continually. David shows how there are a great many things we can be thankful for. It is this thankfulness that arises from answered prayers and knowledge of the saving hand of God.

Through the notion that God is the source of all things, he proclaims that we should rejoice. The context speaks of a cornerstone that was rejected and the builder tossed aside. While this could apply to his own situation, that it seemed to him that he was the stone that was ignored and set for destruction, God saw him and lifted him out of his sin.

The greater meaning of these words is revealed in the New Testament when Jesus refers to himself as the stone that was tossed aside (Mark 12v.10). When Jesus said these word, he said it knowing that the Jews he was referring to would stone him and eventually kill Him (not Jews specifically of course, the whole world killed Jesus). There is a simple irony in that the stones that they picked up were not the right stone with which to build the heavenly Kingdom that Jesus was talking about. The Kingdom requires builders, not murderers.

Even with all the adversity that Jesus was experiencing in his ministry, through the passage that Jesus quotes, he tells that we should be of a cheerful heart when we are tossed aside by the tides of life and the world. Jesus knew the reaction of the Jews would be negative and they knew that Jesus was referring to the Jews and especially the chief priests and scribes who had rejected Him.

I believe there is great cheer to be taken in adversity. That we can wake up everyday, and find a reason to get out of bed for a purpose. Jesus talks of a cornerstone, and if life is built around the cornerstone of Christ, our building changes. No longer rotting rafters and squeaky floorboards, but we can live in this rusted out vehicle called the human body, and live contentedly in this world that is offering us something false.

Moreover, I feel we approach the Christian life with such prejudice that we would want to have it some way–that we have a preconceived idea of what Christianity should be like. Rather, it’s liberating that we should be free from what our expectations are, and we open the Bible to read of something radical and disconnected from this world. The way that I’ve been mulling it over in my head is that: “we expect Christianity too often to be ordinary instead of extraordinary”. In weakness, there is strength and in strength there is weakness.

“These are the best days of my life. Note to self: don’t take them for granted.” (via Stephen Collins)

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