Music Piracy: Lady Gaga Is The One To Blame

I wish Lady Gaga would make music that is consistent with her celebrity persona.

For someone who consistently turns up to celebrity events with the most outlandish costumes and the most outrageous statements, she falls into the most discernable music genre: that same-same self-empowerment pop fluff that most other people generate within their musical careers. Listening to “Born This Way”, her music never reaches the heights of her conceptual fancy, she is making the same over-produced ambiguous songs which don’t really mean much. I think that someone so well known in popular culture would have something more worthwhile to sing about than self-empowerment.

I hope I am not perceived as hating on Lady Gaga, I enjoy her music enough. She has a lot more guts than many other artists out there, that attempt a lot, but achieve little. But I feel as though if her music were truly reflective of her character, it would appear as a hybrid of Gabber and Fidget-house genres. Hearing something less than these makes me somewhat disappointed, and perhaps cheated of who she really could be. A mere shadow is what I hear. Read more of this post