King of the Hill on the Megachurch

There is a scene in “King of the Hill” where Hank and his family are trying new churches.

Repeatedly to no avail they cannot find one that they fit in exactly. After much effort, Peggy asks Hank if they could try the local megachurch as an alternative. She describes all the amenities and the programs that this church was running: “It pampers all of them. They have their own coffeeshop, florist, minimart, bank and a drycleaner that accepts all competitor’s coupons.” Hank’s response is classic:

“If I wanted to go that route, I could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus!”

I’m not sure why people outside of the church have greater understanding about the church than the people inside. If I didn’t know better we are getting more honest commentary outside of the church than within. I wonder how thick the walls of the churches are that we cannot hear the laughter of the people outside.  Read more of this post